Complete Aftercare Support Team (CAST) is a program designed to help individuals transition to independent living and long-term recovery anytime that individual feels the need for extra support and additional help. Our experience and research indicates that ongoing support is essential to attain long-term recovery. We understand that every client travels a unique road to recovery—which is why the CAST program offers highly individualized recovery plans with professionals to support a healthy and successful life.

Each client is assigned a Case Manager and/or a Recovery Assistant. Based on recommendations of the referring party and a clinical assessment, our team develops a recovery plan designed for the needs of the individual. A Recovery Assistant is assigned to executives needing more comprehensive aftercare.


Case Manager

・ Oversees treatment plan
・ Takes an active role in client’s recovery
・ Recommends resources to client
・ Acts as group therapy leader
・ Liaisons between family, loved ones and client
・ Sends monthly progress notes to family and/or loved ones
・ Administers drug and alcohol testing
・ Monitors client meeting schedule
・ Communicates regularly with family about client’s progress
・ Establishes with client short and long-term goals

Recovery Assistant provides

・ Additional structure and supervision
・ Encouragement for client’s own self-reliance
・ Assurance that client’s home is a safe environment for recovery
・ Medication management
・ Consistent appointment scheduling
・ Companionship for client at meetings and appointments
・ Daily drug and alcohol testing


CAST team members support the client by:

・ Monitoring appointment scheduling and medication compliance
・ Recognizing signs of relapse and suggesting appropriate interventions
・ Providing random drug and alcohol testing
・ Encouraging healthy relationship boundaries
・ Positive role modeling

Monitoring = A Relapse Prevention Plan

Testing is a means to support patient’s clinical needs should relapse occur. Most addicts and alcoholics who relapse will do so within the first year. Parents and loved ones do not have to be the “police” or the “bad guy”

Sober Companions

Alternative Sentencing