Getting Treatment for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a psychological condition in which a person has an inability to control their sexual behavior. Sexologists often prefer to call the condition sexual dependency or sexual compulsivity. Some experts compare sex addiction to substance abuse, where an individual experiences a lack-of-control in regards to their vice. Definitions based on obsessive-compulsive disorder also relate to sex addiction.

Those who suffer from sex addiction have to overcome many obstacles on their path to recover. Many sex addicts do not realize they have a problem and that their behaviors negatively effect themselves and people around them. Sex addicts may need to experience significant negative effects in order to recognize they have a problem. Once addicts recognize their addiction, they can seek sex addiction treatment to live healthier stable lives. Once a sex addict reaches out for help, the treatment process has begun.

There are various options for sex addiction treatment. Options include sex addiction counseling, 12-step programs, and treatment therapy. Three prominent self help groups for sex addicts are sex addicts anonymous, sexaholics anonymous, and sex and love addicts anonymous. Sex addicts anonymous (SAA) allows members to create a personal ideal of sexual sobriety. They identify compulsive sexual behaviors and work the 12-steps to remain abstinent from those specific behaviors. Sexaholics anonymous (SA) has a clearly defined definition of sexual sobriety for all members. Through working the 12-steps, members attempt to remain abstinent from all forms of sex. Sex and love addicts anonymous (SLAA) is similar to SAA. SLAA allows its members to create their own definition of sobriety. This 12-step group not only incorporates physical acts, but also includes emotional problems. Emotional problems discussed in SLAA include, addictive relationships, and codependency.

In addition to 12-step programs, sex addiction residential therapy has proven to be a good way to recover from addiction. In sex addiction treatment centers, patients participate in sex addiction counseling. Professional counselors are able to identity other disorders the patient may have and either associate or dissociate them with sex addiction. Sex addiction therapy usually takes a cognitive-behavioral approach that may include the use of medication. Medication can help with other disorders such as obsessive-compulsive behavior that may contribute to the patients sex addiction. Addicts can seek professional help without checking into a residential treatment center. Sex addiction counselors are available throughout the United States.

By undergoing sex addiction treatment, individuals can lead healthier, happier lives.

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