Marijuana Addiction Treatment

In the United States Marijuana is currently the most abused drug. More than 80 million people across the country have tried marijuana at least one time. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, pot, or weed, is a mixuture of green shredded and dried leaves from the plant, cannabis sativa. Not everyone who uses marijuana becomes dependent on the drug, however many people find that they are hooked on the drug and canít stop using. THC is the major active ingredient in marijuana. THC creates a series of cellular reactions which eventually leads to the high one feels while smoking weed. The effects of marijuana can be felt after just a few moments of smoking it and can last up to several hours. The initial effects of marijuana include an increase in appetite, becoming in a state of relaxation, and an altered state of feelings and thoughts. Chronic weed smokers can experience loss of memory, interrupted thoughts, and image distortion. There are also numerous psychological effects that result from marijuana addiction. Addicts experience anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation. If an individual needs help stopping their marijuana use, they can seek drug addiction treatment.

There are various treatment programs that help with marijuana addiction. Substance abuse addiction is extremely prominent in US. People seeking help for marijuana addiction is growing every year. Addicts can enter a residential treatment facility where they are provided with a safe environment to undergo therapy and detox. Addiction therapy usually includes group therapy sessions in relapse prevention, codependency, and anger management. Group therapists specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy along with psychotherapy. In addition to group therapy, treatment centers also provide individual therapy sessions. Patients can explore intimate issues with the support and aid of a professional addiction therapist. 12-step programs such as narcotic anonymous are also incorporated into marijuana addiction treatment.

Outpatient marijuana treatment is also available to suffering addicts. In an outpatient treatment center, marijuana addicts attended groups 10-12 hours a week. This gives them the opportunity to stay involved in their normal life affairs such as work and school. In a marijuana outpatient, individuals build a foundation for a sober life, among other addicts seeking sobriety. Marijuana outpatient programs are also a good alternative to inpatient treatment facilities due to the cheaper cost.

Marijuana anonymous is also an outlet for addicts seeking sobriety. Like alcoholics anonymous, marijuana anonymous, (MA), is a 12-step program to help addicts live happy sober lives. MA also provides addicts with a supportive sober community.

If you are having trouble stopping marijuana usage, marijuana addiction treatment can help. Marijuana addiction treatment will provide you with the tools needed to achieve and maintain sobriety and happiness.

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