Treatment Programs

Why Treatment Programs?
In some cases, Individual's addicted to drugs and alcohol need help to stop. Treatment programs offer a safe environment to stop and are recommended as the initial step in the recovery process. At treatment facilities, addicts learn about addiction and are introduced to successful recovery programs. Treatment programs offer several benefits to recovering addicts and their families.
Treatment Program Benefits
  • Safe environment to quit using drugs and alcohol

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Addiction and recovery program education

  • General and psychiatric medical assessments

  • Accountability and structure

  • Separates addicted individuals from destructive environments

Other Treatment Program Services

  • Beginners Meeting
  • Half Measures Room - Facing the Facts - Oct 06,2011
  • Downingtown's Young People's Conference
  • Rum Radio w/ HMR - 2 HR SPECIAL!! from the Rally to Recovery - Oct 01,2011
  • Serenity Weekend
  • Sober Couch - with Sara and JoEllen - Thursday Edition - Sep 30,2011

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