Transitional Living

Why Transitional Living?
Transitional living provides a place for recovering addicts, alcoholics, and those with co-occurring disorders to transition into a new way of life while living in a structured, safe, welcoming environment. Residents will learn tools and new coping mechanisms to help them build a strong foundation for their new lives in recovery. Transitional living can be a good stepping stone for someone coming out of an inpatient treatment center or someone who has recently relapsed or been struggling in their sobriety and needs additional support.
Transitional Living Benefits
  • Fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week

  • Random drug testing and toxicology screening

  • Structured Supportive Living

  • Learn tools and coping mechanisms

  • Integration into the recovery community

  • Living with and making friends with other newly sober individuals

Other Transitional Living Services

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