The Benefits of Sober Companions

Sober companions, also known as Sober Coaches or Recovery Companions, is an option for individuals needing extra support and monitoring. Sometimes after leaving residential treatment some individuals may need more support than what sober living, therapy, and meetings can offer. For these clients sober companions can be a very helpful and benificial tool to use. After returning back home from a thirty day stint in residential treatment, a sober companion helps in transitioning back into the world or sober living.

Sober companions or recovery coaches can help the person in transition in every aspect of their life. Some examples of how sober companions can help the recovering addict or alcoholic is helping them adjust to new experiences and situations they may occur which would normally lead someone to drink alcohol or use drugs again. Sober companions can all help in transporting the client safely to and from daily activities, doctors appoitments, job interviews, 12 step meetings, or even fun gatherings with friends and familes. Sober companions are also there to help clients who may be on medication. Sober companions can help manage their medication intake, this way they can make sure they are taking the proper dosage. In early recovery some individuals may be very shy and not make friends easily. Sober companions have years of sobriety and are able to introduce the newly sober person to many sober friends, this will help the person get immersed in the sober community. A sober companion ensures a sober environment for the client. If the client is reluctant in living a sober lifestyle and wants to drink alcohol or use drugs the sober companion can successfully ensure that relapse will not occur.

Sober companions are available to work with clients full and part time. If a client needs support around the clock the companion can stay with the client for extended amounts of time and up to twentyfour hours a day. Companions are available to stay with clients for weeks even months at a time all depending on the needs of each individual client.

Sober escorts primarily assist individuals traveling to, returning from treatment to extended care, or from treatment to home transit residential treatment programs. The transition period between addiction treatment centers back into the real world can be difficult for those leaving a structured treatment setting. Sober companions and escorts ease the adjustment period by offering support, encouragement, and companionship.

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