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Recovery Companions

Recovery Companions

In some cases, clients may benefit from additional coaching or companionship to provide safety, practical support, or focus and guidance. For these clients, we offer Recovery Companions. Recovery Companions are able to assist clients in a variety of ways: they may travel with a client going on a family or business trip during a period of heightened vulnerability, guide a client through a difficult transition such as a move, support a client during bereavement, assist a client in becoming more physically or socially active, help a client practice life skills, and countless other possibilities.

The aim of a CAST Recovery Companion is to strengthen a client’s foundation for success by:

  • Providing general support in everyday settings
  • Assisting with daily activities such as time management, maintaining organization, budgeting, or medication management
  • Maintaining focus on wellness, Twelve Step, or other recovery programs
  • Modeling and teaching skills for successful independence and wellbeing
  • Facilitating introductions to new, healthy environments and peers
  • Creating a recovery or wellness support network
  • Building structures at home, work, school, or other venues to maintain healthy lifestyles

Our recovery companions have diverse backgrounds and expertise, and we thoroughly evaluate each client’s needs to determine the best recovery companion match. Companions are available to work with clients full or part-time, day or night, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Companions may work with a client for days, weeks, or even months as determined by the client and the client’s treatment at CAST.