Relapse prevention workbooks and worksheets are provided to help with recovery by guiding the development and establishment of a relapse prevention plan. These tools are designed to provide methods for identifying problematic situation, analyzing those situations, and developing strategies to avoid, or cope more effectively with these dangerous circumstances. Putting these self management tactics on paper allows individuals to work through their answers to develop a realistic prevention plan.

The goal of these worksheets is to take a thorough look at problematic behaviors, explore personal characteristics further, and develop specific plans for new behaviors. As time goes on and individuals continue to grow through their recovery, their relapse prevention plan should be continually updated.

Avoiding high risk situations is a key component of relapse prevention, however, most addicts return to using due to a combination of feelings, thoughts, and ritualized behaviors that are faintly associated to their addiction. In hopes to develop effective coping skills, individuals must be honest with themselves about their experience when in active addiction so to learn new mechanisms, not addictive behaviors.

Many of the worksheets are repetitive in nature, but this process reinforces the adaption of new thinking, which sums up the goal of relapse prevention.

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  • Prevention Education
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