How to Recover from Addiction

Realizing you need treatment for an addiction can be both scary and enlightening. Whether its your first time or fifth time getting treatment, CAST recognizes how difficult it may be. CAST offers recovery programs for people struggling with chemical dependency, addiction, or co-occurring disorders. CAST provides a safe place to establish your recovery plan, along with the recourse needed in one’s life to remain sober after ending their time with CAST.

At CAST, recovery is taken one day at a time. When first joining CAST, the patient meets with the CAST treatment team for an initial assessment in which a treatment plan is created. This step is crucial to the sobriety of the client, since each recovery program is different. CAST caters to the needs of each individual patient, making their treatment program unique.

CAST addiction recovery encompasses all aspects of an addicts life. CAST offers one-on-one wellness coaching and guidance, focused on drug recovery. CAST also provides drug and alcohol testing to ensure clients are remaining sober while in the CAST program. While working with CAST, patients receive family counseling which includes sober contracts and boundary setting. Having the family learn coping methods and change of behavior is crucial to the well being of the addict.  Patients also receive resource referrals, which can include support groups, self help groups, outpatient recovery, and an introduction to a 12 step program such as alcoholics anonymous. In recovery groups, such as relapse prevention, patients learn how to cope with triggers that may lead to an emotional or physical relapse. They also receive help in budget planning, time management and scheduling.

After a patients time with CAST, they will be prepared to live a healthy, sober life. CAST will have provided them with the tools and resources they need in order to incorporate recovery into their lives. Patients are encouraged to continue with 12-step programs, and therapeutic outlets such as individual, or group therapy. CAST provides patients with the self confidence and independence, to carry on happy, thoughtful lives.

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