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Recovery Companion
The Recovery Companion, also known as Sober Companion or Sober Coach, is an option for individuals who need extra support and coaching. Recovery Companions are available to assist clients with:
  • Transitioning out of residential treatment back to home or sober living
  • Cleaning out home or apartment of any unsafe items and substances
  • Daily activities such as getting to appointments, 12-step meetings, CAST case management meetings, health & fitness, etc.
  • Daily drug and alcohol testing
  • Medication management
  • Self reliance and healthy independence
  • Time management and scheduling
  • Budget planning
  • Integrating into local 12-Step community
  • Introductions to healthy peers
  • Creation of a recovery support network
Recovery Companions are available to work with clients full days, full nights, or extended periods of 24-hours a day. Companions may remain with a client for a number of weeks or months at a time, based on the need of the client as determined by the CAST clinical team.

The Recovery Companion acts as a life coach, challenging and supporting the client to make lifestyle changes, which can help in creating a better quality of life. CAST Recovery Companions are men and women who have had experience working in the treatment field and are able to utilize their own recovery experience to assist the client.

CAST Recovery Companions are a valuable asset to any client in early recovery, following a relapse, or in times of vulnerability. CAST companions help clients get connected to the recovery community and create a strong foundation for continued success.

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