CAST’s clinical and medical directors evaluate each incoming client. Based on the information gathered, we determine the best course for his/her recovery plan. The CAST staff discusses the incoming client’s current condition and as a team creates a treatment plan that works.

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The CAST program suggests an initial three-month commitment and can provide essential services for our clients as required. The CAST program includes:

・ Weekly groups facilitated by CAST’s licensed professionals
・ Regular meetings with CAST case manager
・ Random alcohol and drug testing
・ Recovery coaching
・ Relapse prevention planning
・ Establishing a recovery meeting schedule
・ Medication management
・ Monthly progress notes to family, therapist and court representatives

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Professional Progam

The CAST program for professionals is geared specifically for individuals struggling with addiction issues who have maintained their careers and professional status. CAST staff provides services for clients dealing with issues related to their professions. Clients in the CAST program for professionals receive help dealing with licensing authorities of various professions. Our experienced advocates petition medical boards, bar associations, unions and other supervising organizations. CAST has a weekly group for its professional clients where issues related to the workplace can be addressed with peers and a licensed facilitator.

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Alternative Sentencing Program

CAST’s alternative sentencing program offers several services for individuals with legal problems. The CAST staff negotiates with the justice system at all stages of the legal process. CAST clients have the benefit of an advocate to accompany them to court appearances, probation hearings, and other court mandated appointments. The CAST program has long standing relationships with reputable attorneys to facilitate admission to recovery programs instead of incarceration. Our goal is to help clients stay out of prison and become accountable and responsible. We provide structure and monitoring so our clients can achieve long-term recovery.

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Family Education

Our unique family component sets us apart from other programs. Research has shown that individuals with family members participating in their own parallel recovery process increases the likelihood the entire family can heal. Knowing that family participation is critical for success we provide support, education, counseling and therapy for family members who wish to participate. Participants will be introduced to:

・ Support systems including Al-Anon and other 12-step programs
・ Methods to effectively communicate concerns regarding recovery
・ Ways to identify relapse behavior in themselves and their loved one
・ Understanding co-dependency and the difference between love and enabling

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Recovery Companion

The recovery companion is someone who accompanies and monitors a client depending on the individual’s level of need. Recovery companions are available for 24-hour care. The level and duration of monitoring can be adjusted based on the client’s behavior and progress.

・ More intensive supervision
・ Structure/containment
・ More accountability with client’s support team
・ Assurance that client’s home is a safe environment for recovery
・ Medication management
・ Appointment scheduling
・ Companionship at meetings and appointments

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