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     Nebraska, the Cornhusker state, is a staple of the US agriculture industry. Known for its wealth in maize, Nebraska is also a mass producer of pork, beef, and soy. Nebraska is recognized as the birthplace of Kool-aid and Cliffs Notes, and the mega-corporate headquarters for Warren Buffet. A key feature of Nebraska's urban landscape is Nebraska University, located in Omaha. Its basketball team, the Mavericks, have a long standing record of wins, and the Peter Kiewit Institute, a top-notch, state of the art, computer research facility. While its student population strives to excel in academics and athletics, like all bodies of impressionable young people, it often succumbs to peer pressure, and the stress of an ever increasing list of expectations. Alcohol and drug abuse are common solutions to these frustrations, and education on relapse prevention becomes a growing necessity. Thankfully, Nebraska hosts several key institutions for battling these afflictions, including treatment centers, substance abuse programs, and outpatient drug rehabs. If you or someone you know needs help, don't hesitate to seek out assistance.

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