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     Missouri, the Show-Me State, is constituted mainly by fertile plains in the north and hulking mountains in the south. It is considered a "bellwether" state, because it has a consistent streak of making quality choices to vote for winning candidates in presidential elections, and backing morally straight ethical issues that come to the ballot boxes. If you are having a bad streak of making poor choices, please find help though counseling and therapy. Missouri's first populations were native peoples whose territorial control stretched to Mississippi and Illinois as well. They were agriculturally rich in tobacco, corn, and wheat. The French conquered them in the early 19th century, whose towns were decimated by the New Madrid earthquake in 1821. If your foundations have been rocked, by abuse of narcotics, hallucinogens, or any other controlled substances, Missouri offers a range of detox facilities, treatment centers, and outpatient rehab institutions. Today, Missouri boasts itself in its rapidly growing vineyard ventures. As bottle by bottle of Missouri wine hits the grocery store shelves, the agricultural system becomes more and more dependent on the wine industry. If you are dependent on wine, beer, or any other alcoholic beverage, there is help, and there are resources where you can learn about relapse prevention and recovery from alcohol dependence. But no that Missouri, despite being a leading producer in alcohol and tobacco, has a no tolerance system for intoxication and substance abuse. Public intoxication and any misuse of substances at all result in serious legal consequences.

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