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     Delaware, the First State, is named after Virginia's first governor, Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. Delaware, initially occupied by native groups, played a significant role in securing national independence, by overthrowing British control, in the American Revolution. If you are having problems finding independence from the control of substances, either legal or illegal, Delaware offers many institutions such as detox centers and treatment facilities to help conquer your substance abuse problems. Today, Delaware's economy is driven partly by its agricultural industry and partly by ventures in banking. Originating in the American Revolution, Delaware's citizens have prospered financially with keen decision-making and investments, allowing Delaware's banking systems to flourish. If you are having troubles making good decisions, perhaps problems with gambling and other lifestyle difficulties, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis issues, please find help through counseling and therapy, with one of Delaware's fortunate outpatient rehab facilities.

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