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Outpatient Rehabs - State Links - North Carolina

     North Carolina, like any other state, has a significant drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problem. North Carolina has a tremendous problem with crack cocaine and marijuana, but drugs like methamphetamine are growing in popularity at an alarming rate. On top of the various health issues created by drug abuse in our society, another large piece of the nations problem with drug abuse and addiction is the level of crime and violence in creates within any given community. Drugs have always gone hand in hand with gangs and elements of organized crime. After time the addiction to drugs also becomes an addiction to crime, whether its stealing or fraud to support your addiction or selling drugs on the street, the addiction to crime can be just as viscous as the drug addiction. There are programs available to treat both, twelve step programs like Narcotics anonymous and Criminals and Gang Members anonymous are programs of recovery and relapse prevention designed to help individuals steer their lives away from calamity and despair. Outpatient drug rehab programs are also a very useful tool in treatment, recovery and relapse prevention.

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