Christian Outpatient Rehab Facilities

Research has shown that of 2008, 527 faith-based substance abuse treatment facilities or facilities affiliated with a religious organization that were not located in or operated by a hospital. Christian drug outpatient rehabs are designed to incorporate the client’s faith-based organization into the treatment system. The National Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) examine substance abuse treatment facilities that are affiliated with a religious organization, also known as “faith-based facilities”. Christian rehabs aim to allow a person to grow in more ways than one, incorporating pray and the power of God.

Christian drug outpatient rehab programs are similar to non-faith-based treatment in laying the foundation for a lasting recovery. However, they differ in their resources and services provided. In regards to finances, faith-based facilities were more likely than non-faith-based facilities to provide free treatment to all clients or to offer treatment at no charge to clients who could not afford to pay. In regards to their services, they provide the standard groups and services that other treatment facilities have, such as relapse prevention, individual and group counseling, and an introduction to the twelve steps. On top of these, Christian drug outpatients include bible study, counseling, prayer, church attendance, meditation, and Christian rehabilitation groups. Also, research found that faith-based facilities were more than twice as likely as non-faith-based facilities to provide a halfway house or other transitional housing.

Christian rehab centers incorporate many of the traditional facets of Christianity in conjunction with the fundamental principles of recovery. The concept of God and a Higher Power is well established in these programs. A main theme in recovery at these facilities is that recovery requires spiritual support, care, and constant reminders that the God is forgiving and will give the recovering addict/alcoholic the strength to get through treatment and onto the road to recovery.

Christian rehab programs have shown to have a reliable success rate and high quality standard of individualized treatment. Studies seem to indicate that the success rates are comparable to traditional recovery programs, and can possibly be better in some cases. In Christian drug outpatient centers, many programs make efforts to treat the people they care for as individuals, rather than focusing statistics.

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