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     California, the golden state, has the highest population in the USA. Its first settlers lived by the sword, and stained its rich history with bloody conquest and coerced conversion of its native peoples. The establishment of the state infrastructure rests on a tremulous timeline, through the ambitions of power and pride, the acquisition of wealth and women, and the pursuit of prosperity and promise of position. Over time, the state has come into ages of glory, with many highlights in its heritage, such as the gold rush, the development of the union pacific railroad, the naval contribution during the Second World War, the establishment of the motion picture industry and Hollywood, and the classic route 66-highway culture. California's social scene is diverse, a proud example of the national melting pot ideology. It is home to many races and religions, and its peoples speak more than 65 languages.

     But while unparalleled individuality and widespread creative distinction are inherent traits to its population, California also suffers as a center of drugs and despair. Substance abuse runs rampant, and alcoholism serves as an adversity to both young and old alike. If you suffer from an allergy of the body, a disease of the mind, or constantly find yourself straying from the straight and narrow, know that there is help. California offers many resources in recovery, and avenues towards wellness. Its panorama is dotted with both rehabilitation facilities, as well as outpatient drug rehab institutions. Their walls echo with the mantras of wholeness of soul and spirit, and the vital initial tools of relapse prevention. Though the path is dark, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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