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Pack Principles


CAST Recovery is thrilled to have recently partnered with Wolf Connection to create our own fully personalized program, Pack Principles. Wolf Connection is the only program in the country that rescues and trains wolves and wolf-dogs to become program animals for anyone looking to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing. At Wolf Connection, the unique and special qualities of the wolves provide a physically safe and supportive environment that builds self-esteem, the ability to regain trust and a hopeful future for those who have had none.

Pack Principles is an an incredible 4-week experience that offers clients an opportunity to safely explore their emotions, learn to regulate in the moment and find a way to connect to what makes us all similar as opposed to what makes us different. The wolves remind us of who we are and through spending time with them, in nature, they allow us to discover the courage to live the life we want.

Our program is ​​open to those currently in Outpatient​ treatment. ​​We believe in the transformative power of our relationships with the wolves​ ​and are ​therefore ​committed to sharing these valuable lessons with anyone who could benefit.

“One of the most meaningful moments I had at Wolf Connection was when I started realizing how he wolves make me feel connected. The way the wolves can feel energy is utterly amazing and to be a part of it is absolutely magical!” (CAST Client)

“I highly recommend this program to anyone who is in search of attuning to their higher self to their daily  practice, or just in need of some nature. What one can learn from the wolves is truly amazing. They are magical beings.” (CAST Client)


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