Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

CAST’s intensive outpatient program involves treatments designed to help those struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues.  It is ideal for those who need intensive services to get well as well as those who have the luxury of taking time off from other life commitments to focus on taking care of personal wellness issues for a circumscribed period.

We recommend a minimum of four weeks of intensive outpatient services, and clients often stay with us for sixteen weeks or more in order to maximize their ability to benefit from the program before returning to a regular life routine. Our staff helps clients to stabilize, uncover and work through underlying issues, and develop strategies for applying new skills and insights to all areas of life. Many clients in our intensive outpatient program also live in the CAST Apartments to benefit from transitional living while engaged in outpatient services.

The intensive outpatient program incorporates the following services:

  • Daily Group Therapy and Workshops

CAST’s group therapy and workshops are facilitated Monday through Friday. The purpose of the group dynamic is to create an atmosphere of support while developing knowledge, insight, and practical skills. Groups are facilitated by a staff with expertise in a variety of topics and modalities.

  • Weekly Individual Therapy or Coaching

Clients are assigned a therapist or wellness coach based on a thorough assessment of clinical issues and needs.  Therapists and wellness coaches have diverse areas of expertise and can support clients utilizing a number of different approaches to recovery, mental health, and general wellness.

  • Weekly Individual Lifestyle Coaching

Each client is paired with a lifestyle coach, who assists clients in practicing life skills, maintaining accountability, and managing other aspects of life. They provide consistent support and encouragement as clients work towards their goals.

Clients also have access to a network of support professionals dedicated to cultivating their creativity and unique skills within a healthy and supportive environment. Our network includes professional writers, financial planners, academic advisors, web media experts, and more. CAST understands the importance of professional development and career goal setting in transitional recovery.

  • Career aptitude assessment
  • Accountability
  • Thorough lifestyle evaluation
  • Identify preexisting strengths and areas for growth
  • Scheduling
  • Personal training
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Yoga
  • Holistic health counseling
  • Random Drug Testing

Clients with substance abuse issues are randomly drug tested to ensure that sobriety is maintained. This also helps to keep the CAST environment safe and healthy for everyone.

  • Regular family contact and support

Clients often benefit from having a member of our staff keep in touch with the client’s family members in order to confirm participation in treatment, answer questions about recovery, and provide family support. Depending on the client and the particulars of the treatment plan, the person in touch with the family may be a case manager, therapist, program director, or other staff member involved in the client’s treatment team.