Case Management
CAST Recovery is a six-month to one-year case management support program. The CAST program aims to create a "treatment team outside of treatment," connecting clients with appropriate service providers in their community such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, health and fitness clubs, and others that are likely to be a part of his or her recovery and new healthy living.

Case Management Structure for Chemical Dependency

Case Management Structure for Mental Health Disorders

Aftercare Services

Statistics have shown that aftercare and support following treatment is an essential part of maintaining sobriety and mental health, in order to create a strong foundation for continued recovery.
If a client is preparing to discharge from a residential facility or outpatient program, the CAST case manager will communicate with the current treatment team while the client is involved in the program to discuss progress through treatment as well as the outlined discharge summary and continuing care plan or discharge plan. The case manager will utilize the discharge plan to make sure that the client is following through with all recommendations of his/her treatment team.
CAST provides assistance and support for clients as they reintegrate into their community of home, work, school, and family life.

Case Management

CAST provides hands-on goal directed case management services for clients at all stages of recovery, whether it be aftercare following treatment, support following a relapse, assistance while in sober living, or anytime an individual needs more structure and accountability in his/her recovery.

Through case management, the client will meet with his/her case manager face-to-face. Clients receive:

  • Initial assessment with CAST treatment team
  • Guidance in setting short and long-term goals
  • Assistance in getting connected with local Recovery community
  • Assistance in connecting with service providers such as medical doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, sober livings, and outpatient programs
  • Individualized Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Weekly phone calls to family members and loved ones
  • Monthly progress reports to family and loved ones, therapists, and courts
  • Accompaniment to court hearings and support for alternative sentencing
  • Help with medication management
  • Help in establishing a Recovery meeting schedule
  • Random on-site UA/alcohol and drug screening
The case manager actively works with each client on a Relapse Prevention Plan and tools for handling triggers and/or social situations that have led to using in the past.

The case manager works together with the family to help establish healthy boundaries and hold the client and family accountable. CAST staff helps educate the family and connect loved ones with support groups such as Al-Anon and other addiction and mental health related family programming.
The case manager keeps in weekly communication with the family, checks in and provides updates and information regarding progress and/or concerns. At the end of each month, a detailed monthly report is sent to the family, outlining progress, achieved goals, assets and liabilities, and toxicology lab results of all UA's.

CAST case managers are available to support clients and families at any time. Case managers assist with family goals and help the whole family become involved in the recovery process, through education, support, and open communication.

The CAST team acts as advocates for recovery-supporting the client and family through the process and connecting with additional services as needed.

Alternative Sentencing & Legal Assistance

CAST's alternative sentencing and legal assistance offers several services for individuals with legal issues. Clients enrolled in the CAST program who have legal issues pending have the opportunity to receive:

  • Transportation to court appearances
  • Accompaniment to court hearings with case manager acting as client advocate
  • Letters for the court confirming client's participation in a long term recovery program and results of urinalysis testing and program progress
Weekly Therapeutic & Psycho-educational Groups

CAST currently offers two weekly groups for all clients enrolled in the case management and/or the recovery companion program.

  • Relapse Prevention / Process Group:

    • Weekly for one hour
    • Clients check in with clinical group facilitators about their week
    • Group is a forum for discussing issues, accomplishments, roadblocks to recovery, and encouraging feedback
    • Clinical group facilitators discuss the Stages of Change, utilizing Motivational Interviewing models and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Healthy Relationships Group

    • Weekly for one hour
    • Led by licensed clinician
    • Group is a forum for discussing relationship with self, as well as relationship with others (family, peers, romantic relationships)
    • Psycho-educational structure to develop healthy communication patterns as well as understand internal emotional process
Research and our own experience has shown that continuing care is vital for creating a strong foundation for recovery..
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