Our Drug Diversion Program for Professionals

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 3:29 pm

The primary, progressive, chronic, and fatal disease of addiction does not discriminate.  As a result, many professionals succumb to its powerful force and overwhelming costs, often times after a prolonged, demoralizing struggle aggravated and intensified by the pressures and pace of professional life.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the disease of addiction is a treatable, and we at CAST Recovery know how to care for the entire person.

Our experience and independent research indicate that ongoing support is essential to attain long-term recovery. We understand that every client travels a unique road —which is precisely why the CAST program offers highly individualized recovery plans that lead to healthy and successful lives.

The medical professionals, clinicians, treatment specialists, and case managers at CAST understand that recovery issues are often very complex, especially for professionals, experts, authorities, and specialists, as they’re often placed in a constant state of uncertainty regarding their futures- both professional and personal.  The secrecy and resulting isolation, guilt, and shame often build a seemingly impenetrable wall around the individual and his/her disease.

At CAST, we help individuals to transition from the:

  • Dependence on chemicals to independence and autonomy to make one’s own choices;
  • Helplessness of keeping a damaging secret to the hopefulness of living a happy, fulfilling, productive life;
  • Weakness created by enslavement to a seemingly innocuous substance to the strength of empowerment to live life on life’s terms;
  • Failed self-reliance and a never-ending string of horrific decisions to the healthy interdependence upon professional and personal support, accountability, and holistic health.

CAST’s continuum of care offerings for professionals include the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment, evaluation , and consultation
  • Individualized continuing aftercare treatment planning
  • Specialized individual and group therapy for professionals
  • Family therapy and family support
  • Regular visits to an Addictionologist
  • Relapse Prevention planning and education
  • Short – and long – term goal setting and attainment
  • Sober Companionship and  sober living environments
  • Promotion 12 step meeting integration into continuing aftercare plans
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing and referrals to/collaboration with diversion and monitoring programs
  • Vocational coaching or/or assistance with returning to work
  • Sober fun  and activities

At CAST, our Professionals Program is designed exclusively for professionals, experts, authorities, and specialists.  Our goal is to support the individual as he/she reengages in life with a new and increased sense of purpose, self worth and awareness.

Article by David Bohl, CAST Case Manager

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