Lessons Beyond Self-Destruction

A New Begining

A New Begining

Tonight I listened to the meaningful words spoken by a renowned lecturer on the topic of self-destruction – an especially poignant and timely subject, one I’ve been pondering much about these days.  So many push on every day, driving themselves away from past afflictions and breaking through the challenges that rouse them from their former lives.

Recovery might symbolize a defining, lucid moment-when one wakes up to beautiful ambition — the ambition to pursue what’s fulfilling – and that which makes one honor their full potential.  After all, we’re all blessed with so much more to strive for than mediocrity.  And our bodies – which desire to be treated with due accord while present in this world as we know it, need the best tender love and care.

So what can we do?  How can we maintain our health – emotionally, spiritually and physically – as we shake our former habits and consider making changes and finding support?  Welcoming change – with all the emotional tumult it might stir – is the hardest thing of all… to come by… and to do.  Freeing ourselves from the reins of our self-destructive habits — addiction, pettiness, jealousy, or comparing our lives to those of others is possible.

Consider your goals. What you can do to stay on track? We might reframe our views with a simple change in belief, pushing through the inner opposition we feel – so that we can find depth and meaning… and let go of things that vex us – and our formerly destructive dialogues…

It is when we embrace these challenges and exert ourselves continuously and vigorously, in the face of setbacks, and see our efforts as paths to mastery, that we learn these important lessons.  They’re lessons that get us to think beyond our former realities, and develop ourselves fully.  Consider your curiosities and inspirations.  Listen to the stories by those who wish to tell them. If you choose to learn, I’m certain you’ll find your life changing quickly.

The next time you feel low, put yourself in a growth mindset and confront your self-destructive ways. Learn about addiction, and use it as a basis for growth and the change that follows. Remember disharmony brings the greatest of motivations, if you will for it to.

Free yourself with respect and initiative, and empower yourself with the basic elements of change: self-awareness, taking responsibility, authentic expression, group support and accountability. Stay centered with love and integrity and start with the good. Express appreciation and gratitude when asking yourself, “How much of me have I become?”

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