The Benefits of Sober Companions

A sober companion is an addiction treatment professional who provides one on one support and guidance for addicts and alcoholics who are new to recovery. The main goal of a sober companion is to help the addict maintain sobriety and learn tools to help them stay sober on their own. Sober companions help individuals transition back into the normal flow of life with the necessary support to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

There are many benefits to having a sober companion in early recovery. Having an individual to guide you through the first weeks and months of your sobriety can be influential to maintaining a life of sobriety. A sober companion will accompany the client everywhere they need to go whether that be local day to day activities or trips to another area of the country. Sober companions can be used when needed, around the clock, or can just accompany the addict to particular activities they may not feel comfortable at. Sober companions help to build confidence in early recovery. They are there to support the addict in what can be a difficult and challenging time in early recovery. In the beginning months of recovery the addict can be very fragile and can easily stray from their path of sobriety. A sober companion will help assure that everything possible is being done to keep that individual sober and on the right track.

Another benefit of having a sober companion is learning about the program and the journey of recovery. Most sober companions are addicts themselves with a considerable amount of sobriety. They have been in the same position that their client has been in and can share their experience, strength, and hope with them.  An experience such as this helps to build confidence in the client, reinforcing the fact that they can remain sober and it has been done before by people just like them. Sober companions also introduce their clients to the rooms of twelve step fellowships. Here they will be able to introduce their client to other members of the sober community, which will provide them a strong support team.  This type of fellowship will allow the client to feel a part of and begin to interact socially with other alcoholics and addicts who are in recovery. It is very important to have fun in early sobriety and building a sober network is one way to ensure that life stays socially interesting. Sober companions can help an individual to remain sober and begin to enjoy their new found life in recovery.